Wrinkles — 5 Other Reasons Than Aging

Aging can cause wrinkles on your face as your skin get old its elasticity loses. But if you are not old enough and still you are getting wrinkles on your face than its an alarming condition. There are many other reasons for wrinkles, it may be food or lifestyle that is causing them.

In this article, we will discuss some reasons which may cause wrinkles. You should avoid some unhealthy foods and lifestyle to prevent wrinkles.

As you age, your body reduces the production of collagen that is the main reason for wrinkles. Even by consuming collagen or gelatin-rich foods such as Grass fed beef bone broth, you can’ prevent it but you can slow down the pace.

In this article, we will discuss some reasons that can cause wrinkles.

UV Rays:

An adequate amount of sunlight is good for our health, especially for bones. But direct sun exposure or strong heat can cause various health problems. It can burn skin cells and cause wrinkles. UV rays are also not good for health. They can form free radicals and reduce skin’ elasticity.

UV rays can cause wrinkles and skin cancer.


Smoking is another reason for wrinkles. Smoking can create free radicals in the layers of skin and these free radicals are the basic reason for wrinkles. Smokin is not good for health and skin. It can also cause lung cancer.

Poor Diet:

Diet plays an important role for overall health. A healthy and nutritious diet contains all the important nutrients for the body. Always choose healthy and nutritious foods. For skin eat foods that are rich in collagen to improve skin quality. Collagen peptides are one of them.


As discussed before, most important component of skin is collagen. Collagen is rich in water. When your body dehydrate, collagen cells breakdown and cause wrinkles.

Skin Products:

Skin fairness products are very common these days and are being used normally. But many of these products are made by unhealthy chemicals. They may brighten your colors but they have their side effects which can create wrinkles on the skin.


If skin wrinkles are due to age you can’ prevent them but slow down the process. But if skin wrinkles are due to other reasons it may be your fault. Take care of your skin, adopt a healthy lifestyle, and eat a healthy diet to prevent wrinkles.

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