What is Skin Fasting and Is it Really Worth Doing?

How to Do a Skin Fast?

Skin fast is very simple. You can skip skincare products for one day, one night, or for a few days. Proponents of skin fast believe that it allows the skin to reset itself, detoxify itself, and take care of itself better than external products.

Should you Do a Skin Fast?

A skin fast isn’ worth it if you are following a good skin routine or healthy skin products. There is no authentic research on its benefits. Skin will never forget what to do naturally. All diet plans such as bone broth powder that is rich in collagen will only boost the natural process. It will not diminish the natural skin process.

Adverse effects:

  • Fasting can keep your skin vulnerable to UV rays as you skin using sun blocker.
  • It is not capable to detoxify skin. It’s just a myth. Because the skin is not responsible to take out toxins. It is the function of your liver.
  • Skin fasting can’t cure dry skin. It’ faulty logic.
  • If you are affected with acne, following a skin fast is a really bad idea. It will worsen the condition.



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Anna Smith

Anna Smith

My name is Anna. Friends call me Annie. I’m a writer by profession and foodie for love. I will share my thoughts on foods their benefits and side effects.