What is Kalonji and What are its Benefits?

Kalonji is very common throughout the world. There are various names of kalonji. It is also known as black cumin and Nigella Sativa. Kalonji and black seeds are the common names.

It is common in Southwest Asia, North Africa, and Southern Europe.

Kalonji is beneficial for health in various ways. Especially, it is getting popularity for its weight loss effects.

Kalonji can be used in various ways. You can even add it to the mushroom broth for additional nutrition.

In this article, we will take a quick review of its weight loss effects.

Weight Loss Effects of Kalonji?

How kalonji promotes weight loss it is still unclear. Somehow components in kalonji effects genes that are responsible to control appetite. Kalonji lowers appetite and promotes weight loss.

However, kalonji can’t do anything on its own. Along kalonji, diet and lifestyle also matter. If you consume kalonji, but your lifestyle is bad and you are eating an unhealthy diet, kalonji will not benefit you.

When you combine kalonji with a low-calorie diet then it can promote weight loss otherwise on its own it is useless for weight loss.

Other Potential Benefits:

Kalonji is effective for weight loss but there are many other benefits of kalonji. According to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) of Islam, kalonji is beneficial for every disease except death.

Decrease Risk of Heart Disease:

Compounds in kalonji are effective to reduce the risk of heart diseases. As it can reduce fat levels in the blood and control blood pressure.

There are variety of ways kalonji can improve heart health and prevent heart diseases.

Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels:

Kalonji is effective to control diabetes 2 by promoting healthy blood sugar levels. The high amount of high sugar in the blood is not good for heart, eyes, and kidneys. Kalonji lowers blood sugar level and prevents diseases that are related to heart, kidneys, and eyes.

Uses of Kalonji:

  • Kalonji can be added as an ingredient while cooking.
  • It is also used to garnish.
  • You can consume kalonji directly with water.
  • It can be also used in broths such as grass fed beef bone broth while cooking.


Kalonji is beneficial for overall health. It can be consumed cooked or uncooked.

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