Should We Eat Chicken Bones?

Some parts of the chicken are most nutritious and healthy than flesh. Bones are one of those parts. Cooking chicken with the bones takes more time than cooking flesh only. But cooking chicken with bones can provide many other health benefits.

Benefits of Chicken Bones:

Chicken bones are a good source of various nutrients and minerals. Chicken bones contain a good amount of collagen and some amino acids (including glycine and proline).

What are the Sources of Collagen:

Collagen can be found in various parts of the animal.

Parts of animal that contains collagen are:

  • Animal Muscles
  • Animal Bones
  • Skin
  • Tendons
  • Blood Vessels
  • Digestive System

What are the Uses of Minerals?

Minerals in our bodies can be used in many ways. Various functions such as enzyme function, carrying oxygen, bone health improvement, increased functionality of hormones, and many others require minerals.

Should We Eat Bones?

Eating bones are not recommended. But Extracting nutrients from those bones and consuming them is a good thing. You can use chicken bones in bone broth that is the best way to extract all nutrients from bones.

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