Shibboleth Diet for Weight Loss

Its Effects for Weight Loss:

Just like all other weight loss programs that are based on low calories. The Shibboleth diet is also effective for weight loss as it is low in calories. In simple words, they enforce you to consume fewer calories than your body requires. This will result in weight loss.

Which Foods are Allowed?

Plenty of healthy and nutrients rich foods are allowed in this diet. There are seven food categories in this diet. These categories are:

  • Energy carbs
  • Antioxidant carbs
  • Shellfish
  • Fibrous carbs
  • Protein and fat
  • Superfood.

Which Foods are not Allowed?

The best thing about this diet is it doesn’t have a list of foods to avoid. It encourages you to eat the foods which you have and avoid foods which you don’ have.

Ending Thoughts:

The Shibboleth diet is effective for weight loss that is created by Travis Martin. Most people can lose weight by following this diet as it is a low-calorie diet.



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Anna Smith

Anna Smith

My name is Anna. Friends call me Annie. I’m a writer by profession and foodie for love. I will share my thoughts on foods their benefits and side effects.