Japanese Water Therapy — What are its Effects for Weight Loss

What is Japanese Water Therapy?

It is a Japanese therapy that claims positive weight loss effects. While following this therapy, you are required to drink a few glasses of room-temperature water at the start of your day.

Water Therapy for Weight Loss:

Water therapy is effective for weight loss as water keeps your stomach full and you will eat less food. It means you will consume lesser calories and this will result in weight loss. But there are various other factors that are involved. What diet you are eating throughout the day. How much time you are spending on exercise per day.

How does Water Therapy Work?

Water therapy is followed throughout the world. But how it works. It based on 2 main components.

First Component:

Drink 4 to 5 glasses of room-temperature water every morning with an empty stomach. After this wait 45 minutes then you can eat or drink anything else. You will not be able to drink 4 to 5 glasses per day in the beginning. Start with a lower amount such as 1 or 2 glasses per day then increase the amount gradually.

Second Component:

While following this therapy, you should eat meals only for 15 minutes and take at least 2 hours break before drinking or eating anything else.


Water Therapy is effective for weight loss but there are various other factors involved that affect weight loss. Diet and exercise are some of them.



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