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Digital World Challenges

Everyone wants to do more in less time. Whether you manage a business or work independently, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when you have multiple projects to take on. It appears as if your workloads are pulling you in several different directions all at once, leaving you confused, anxious, and frustrated. You are not only in charge of your daily operations but you must be able to deal with any other issues that arise throughout the day. More often than not, these are tech-related problems that distract you, making it difficult for you to organize your work and life.

A Typical Work Day

Let’s imagine a simple scenario. It is Monday and after a relaxing weekend, you are ready to kickstart your work morning with a cup of coffee. You switch on your computer, refer to your to-do list, and strategize. There are only 24 hours in a day, so accomplishing all your tasks on time is your priority. You can make this happen by being resourceful with your time and increasing productivity.

What’s Next?

Your mind wanders and the first thing you can think of is YouTube or Google. You go there and frantically search for videos or articles. They can range from anywhere between ‘how do I restore previous session’, ‘’, ‘tabs backup and restore’ to ‘how to restore Google Chrome tabs after restart’ etc. However, the suggestions are either irrelevant, or not useful. Next thing you know, you are contemplating calling your boss to inform them about the bad news.

Maybe all is not lost as you contact your IT department, only to have them tell you to generate a ticket because others are waiting in queue. To top it all off, your kids are telling you to play with them, and the househelp wants to clean your room. You immediately lose focus as all your work goes ignored. At least, until the last hour of the day.

No need to panic. Read on for the solution to all your IT problems.

Enter SmartWindows

Let’s approach things from another perspective. If you work remotely or from home, your company has to equip you with the proper physical setup and technology stack. This could include investing in VDI, cloud solutions, or extra hardware or software. You benefit by being able to access their desktops securely from anywhere, as if you are present in the office. You can open all their data, documents, and applications on your computer and easily access them. Whether you are a software engineer, game developer, UI/UX designer, or data analyst, you need the best app for productivity at your fingertips.

This is where the all-new comes in. Designed for individuals and enterprises, this application integrates profile management, , multi-display support, as well as browser and tabs restoration. Let’s have a look at each of these features.

Profile Management

In this digital age, nobody manages only one task. You need to streamline your workflows because you work with multiple projects. Sometimes, it can be daunting when you have so much going on, and you are juggling between your assignments. It is important to keep your projects independent from one another so that you can move back and forth between them easily.

Profile Management

SmartWindows allows you to create multiple profiles in a single application. This is a convenient feature because you can open the project of your liking by simply launching SmartWindows. For example, you can name profile 1 “My Research”, profile 2 “Documents”, and Profile 3 “Design”. As the contents in all three vary, the freedom to create numerous profiles gives peace of mind, and saves the time you would otherwise spend in sorting out the materials relevant to each. You can also rewrite your existing profiles to cater to new changes, and close or minimize any profiles where you have not saved any applications.

Application Positioning

Let’s say you are a power user operating in a Windows 10 setup and you have created profiles on up to 6 displays. SmartWindows dynamically remembers the positions of applications on multiple monitors and restores them at any time with a single click.

Managing application positioning is a must especially when you have to restore your apps to the exact size and position at the time of saving your last session. This simplifies the hard work of handling multiple streams of work which can make one tired of setting up monitors at work or home. Nobody wants to lose all the effort getting their applications (and browser tabs) just right. Not to mention the hassle of having to set up your workspace repeatedly which can eventually cause you to lose interest in your job. SmartWindows safeguards against all these issues and does the heavy-lifting.

Browser & Tabs Restoration

Have you lost count of how many times your computer or browser crashed, leaving you angry and helpless? With no other option, you had to restore your tabs one by one from memory or navigate your entire browser history. Along the way, you probably missed a few tabs, causing you to lose track of what you were doing earlier. Not only did this cumbersome problem result in delays, it affected your productivity and quality of work.

On another note, such issues could lead to loss of revenue and profitability in the long run. Luckily, as an intelligent, all-in-one app, SmartWindows is here to save the day again. Restoration is a priority so that none of your progress is lost. Using SmartWindows, you can continue exactly where you left off from with only one click, and all your browser and tabs will be there. This maintains your focus and prevents you from getting distracted or demotivated. What’s more, you do not even have to think about procrastinating when SmartWindows can do all this for you.


SmartWindows is a complete package of efficiency and productivity. It is a product of , a well-known AI-based software company in Pakistan. It represents the definition of doing more with less, and no other app in the market comes close to it. To summarize, these are the benefits it offers:

  • Saves time and cuts out extra or unnecessary steps for day-to-day tasks.
  • Improves your work-life balance
  • Organization, time management, and productivity app — a complete solution.

Why not experiment with SmartWindows to see what it can do for you? Choose the free, 30-day trial and what do you get?

  • Create maximum 3 profiles
  • Save and restore profiles
  • Single screen support
  • Application positioning
  • Frequent updates

For a nominal fee of $19.99/PC/Year, you can unlock the remaining features for an even better experience, and cancel anytime if you wish to do so.




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