How Women’s Can Get Perfect Posture in 30 Days

Postural muscles are responsible to keep the perfect posture. They relax our muscles and ligaments by preventing stress on them. But due to various reasons, sometimes our body flicker relationship with postural muscles. This can cause chronic pain or spinal wear.

To fix that and prevent spinal wear you need dedication and consistency. Awareness is also very important, you would know what do do? How to do? And when o do? You can get your perfect posture back just in 30 days. Obviously, diet matters. Eat nutrients rich foods such as bone broth made by bone broth powder.
Here are some exercises you should do for the next 30 days to get a perfect posture back.

  • Increase body awareness
  • Increase the strength of your core
  • Realign joints
  • Loosen up muscles.

What to Do?

Here are the things that you should do in the first week. Develop awareness of new exercises by learning new exercises and poses. Learn the poses that are beneficial for your spine.

  • Check your posture on day 1
  • Do child’ pose on day 2
  • Add standing forward fold in your exercise on day 3
  • Add Cat-cow in your exercise on day 4
  • Include chest stretch on day 5
  • Add standing cat-cow on day 6
  • Conduct all exercises on day 7

Now start working on your core strength on day 8.

  • On day 9 start strengthening your back by doing back exercises.
  • Loosen tight hips on day 10
  • Maintain your back awareness on day 11
  • Double up your core strength on day 12
  • Counteract work posture on day 13
  • Start standing at work on day 14
  • Workout to reduce stiffness on your back on day 15
  • Move every 20 minutes no matter what you are doing on day 16
  • Start doing beginner yoga on day 17
  • Fire up your glutes on day 18
  • Tune your sitting posture on day 19
  • While using your cell phone place it directly in front of your eye on day 20 to improve posture.
  • Repeat your routine of day 10 on day 21
  • Maintain your core strength on day 22
  • Strengthen your glutes again on day 23
  • Strengthen your back and shoulders on day 24
  • Take another yoga class on day 25
  • Again work on your core strength and do workout to increase flexibility on day 26
  • Strengthen your glutes again on day 27
  • Spend around 35% of your day while standing on day 28
  • Check your posture on day 29
  • Spend your half-day while standing on day 30.

You will see a great improvement in your posture on day 30. But also focus on your diet. Eat nutrients rich diet as well such as grass fed beef bone broth to get all essential nutrients.



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Anna Smith

Anna Smith

My name is Anna. Friends call me Annie. I’m a writer by profession and foodie for love. I will share my thoughts on foods their benefits and side effects.