How to Prevent Stomach Growling?

Why Stomach Growl?

Stomach growling is not due to a single reason. The stomach can growl due to various reasons. Here are some of them.

To Help Digestion:

Our body releases enzymes to help in the process of breaking food when it reaches the small intestine. These enzymes also help in nutrient absorption.

To Signal Hunger:

When the stomach is empty, the process of muscular contraction digestive tract doesn’t stop. Our body keeps releasing enzymes and acids to prepare ingestion. These functions can make the stomach create growling sounds because it is empty.

Due to Digestion Issues:

Noises could be due to underlying issues during digestion. These issues include:

  • Gastrointestinal Infections.
  • Food Intolerances.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Intestinal Blockage.

How To Stop Stomach Growling:

Stomach growling is part of the digestion process. But sometimes these noises could be embarrassing.

  • Don’t keep your stomach empty.
  • Chew food thoroughly.
  • Eat foods that help in digestion such as bone broth.
  • Prevent unhealthy foods.
  • Avoid drinks and foods that can cause gas in the stomach.
  • Stay calm and active.



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Anna Smith

Anna Smith

My name is Anna. Friends call me Annie. I’m a writer by profession and foodie for love. I will share my thoughts on foods their benefits and side effects.