Hair Growth ⁠ — Essential Nutrients and Vitamins for Hairs

Healthy and Long hair is the dream of every person. Some people are struggling hard to fulfill their dream.

Long, shiny, and healthy hairs increase your beauty. Hair needs various nutrients to stay healthy and grow. Nutritional deficiencies are also the main reason for hair loss.

Optimal nutrient intake is the key to hair growth. Many other factors cause hair loss such as age.

Here are 5 Vitamins that can grow your hairs Longer and keep them healthy.

● Vitamin A

● B-Vitamins

● Vitamin C

● Vitamin D

● Vitamin E

Other Nutrients for Hair Growth

● Iron


● Protein

What is the source of these Nutrients?

Various food items contain various nutrients and vitamins.

Meat is rich in iron, zinc, and Protein.

Bone Broth powder is a good source of various vitamins and nutrients.

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