5 Ways to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

Coronavirus is a newly discovered infectious disease. Most people can recover this diseases without any special treatment. But people who are underlying medical problems, coronavirus can develop serious illness for them.

You will suffer mild to moderate respiratory illness while infected by the COVID-19 virus. This virus can spread by nose or mouth droplets of saliva when a person sneeze or cough.

There are no specific treatments or vaccines for this infectious disease. But you can keep yourself safe by doing certain precautions.

Precautions to Prevent Coronavirus:

Precautions are the only way to prevent COVID-19. Here are some of them.

  • Wash Your Hands Frequently:

Clean your hands regularly. Wash them thoroughly with clean soap and water. Use alcohol-based hand rub (sanitizer). Doing these will kill viruses on your hands.

  • Maintain Social Distance:

Maintain distance with other individuals. Maintain at least 3 feet distance with the person who is sneezing and coughing.

This will help you in preventing inhaling of droplets that contain the COVID-19 virus.

  • Eat Healthy and Clean Foods

Before eating any food wash it properly. Because COVID-19 can survive in the air for 3 hours and can stick to your food. Eat foods that make your immune system strong such as bone broth. A strong immune system can fight coronavirus and prevent it from destroying your lungs.

  • Avoid Touching Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

Don’t touch your nose, hands, and eyes. Because the virus can stick on your hands while touching surfaces of things. While touching your eyes, nose, or mouth, it can get into your body from these parts.

  • Practice Respiratory Hygiene:

Follow good respiratory hygiene and make sure people around you and your family members are also following it.

While sneezing or coughing don’t cover your mouth with hands. Cover your mouth with bent elbow or tissue. If you used a tissue. Don’t use it again. Dispose it immediately.

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