4 Healthy Foods that are Junk Foods in Disguise

There two types of foods, healthy foods, and unhealthy foods. Healthy foods are rich in nutrients and good for health such as mushroom broth. Unhealthy foods are rich in compounds that are not good for health.

Unhealthy foods can increase your weight. They may also increase chronic conditions.

There are some foods people think are healthy but they are not. Such as fried chicken.

In this article, we will discuss foods that are junk in disguise.

Processed Foods:

Some fats are not good for health. Processed foods manufacturers add a lot of sugar to increase the taste of food as removing fat makes food tasteless.

Sugar is not good for your health. It can cause various health problems when consumed in excess.

Processed Fruit Juices:

These are the juices that are packed and available in the markets. People believe that these fruit juices are healthy because they are made by fruits. But you are missing something. These fruit juices are not made up of fruits.

Most of these juices contain a chemical that tastes like fruits. These juices also include a huge amount of sugar for better taste. Instead of these juices, you can drink bone broth that is healthy and nutritious.

Sports Drinks:

Sports drinks are made for athletes usually. Sports drinks contain sugar and electrolytes. Which may be helpful for athletes but not for normal people.

These drinks are not healthy even for athletes. They contain high amount of sugar such as fizzy drinks or sugar content may be slightly lower. Instead of this, you can drink other healthy fluids or mineral water to stay hydrated.

Vegan Junk Foods:

Vegan diets are very popular due to many reasons. But have you ever thought vegan die may also be junk? Such as Vegan bacon.

Processed vegan products are not good for your health.


Eat foods that are healthy. But don’ get deceived. Some foods are labeled healthy but they are not. Choose wisely.

My name is Anna. Friends call me Annie. I’m a writer by profession and foodie for love. I will share my thoughts on foods their benefits and side effects.